Did you ever swim with a humpback whale?



Get the chance to observe the wings of the sea

Each year, from late July through mid-November, Humpback whales migrate, from the Antarctic waters, to the warm waters of French Polynesia. Humpback whales typically migrate up to 25,000 kilometres (16,000 mi) each year.

Some adults range in length from 12–16 metres (39–52 ft) and weigh approximately 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb)!

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Feel the love of a mother whale and her calf

They are free to go where they want to go, so we cannot guarantee their presence. During the whale season, one of the 4 snorkeling stops could be on the ocean side of the reef to give us the chance to observe them. Private whale watching tours are also available upon request.

Humpback whales come here to both mate and give birth. The waters surrounding Bora Bora are free from predators, and provide a shelter to mother whales and their young ones. Their calves are born weigh around 3000 pounds, and grow at a rate of 200 pounds a day during the first few weeks of life!

Observe these awesome creatures from aboard and from underwater…

If the sea conditions allow it, and always under the supervision of your professional guide, you’ll also be able to snorkel with them!

This is the most incredible way one can experience and appreciate their magnificence, but one must not forget how powerful whales are! Rest assured that we always visit them from a safe distance, and without disturbing them.

The most acrobatic whale

The humpback whale is an known for breaching (jumping out of the water) and slapping the ocean surface with its tail and pectoral fins. Breaching is most likely a way to remove parasites from their skin or a signal to other male whales.

Males also come to mate and their love songs can be heard underwater from mile away. If possible your guide will lower a hydro-phone into the water, so you can listen to the songs of the Humpback whales onboard of our boat.

The complex song produced by males lasts 10 to 20 minutes, which they sometimes repeat for hours. Click play to hear a sample of a real humpback love song!


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